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Dr. Shroud Action Figure

2009-04-16 22:28:07 by robfeldman

Behold!! The Dr. Shroud 8" Vinyl Action Figure is now available!! With a real cloth cape, 7 points of articulation and limited to 500 pieces, you can now own a piece of history!! Click here to see it in its vinyl glory, buy it now to bask in it!

FREE Dr. Shroud Stickers!!

2008-10-08 22:04:36 by robfeldman

We're giving away a new Dr. Shroud Limited Edition sticker!


Also, here's what else we have going on:

We are feverishly working on 24 minutes of new Dr. Shroud episodes! These episodes will be edited and distributed as follows:

- Eight (8) three minute episodes for the WEB (I repeat, WEB)
- Sixteen (16) one and a half minute episodes for MOBILE
- One (1) twenty four minute tv pilot

We're currently planning a launch date of early February with a sneak peek at the NYC Comicon. From there, episodes will be shown through select web and mobile partners on a repeating schedule. Of course, they will also be playing at the soon-to-be-reworked I have to admit that the new stuff is creepier than ever!

We booked the booth and are ready to go, even though it's months away! The New York City Comicon, running from February 6-8, 2009 is the place to be this year--- you'll find the people who work on Dr. Shroud right across from the DC Comics booth on the main drag. We're unveiling some REALLY cool Dr. Shroud stuff and giving away some of the coolest promos you'll ever see. Yes, all in glorious red, black and gray.

Is coming soon. We are waiting on the prototype and will hopefully be accepting pre-orders soon enough.

We're in talks/negotiations right now---hopefully it all works out one way or another. We're working with some great people. More on that later for sure.

Ah, the new Dr. Shroud forum yet again. I have to tell you how much I hate redoing the forum due to SPAM issues, so I have just resigned myself to the fact that filthy spammers will continue to spam it. Anyway, sorry to anyone who has posted before and got deleted in the process. It's alive again and I am not going to change it ever. EVER.

Thanks for reading,
Rob Feldman

FREE Dr. Shroud Stickers!!

NEW Dr. Shroud Message Board

2008-01-20 11:37:57 by robfeldman

I re-opened the Dr. Shroud Message Board HERE.

No frills, no sign up required, just post. Talk about the new Dr. Shroud mobile series, The Hyrde and more.


The Hyrde!

2008-01-15 09:36:51 by robfeldman

Hey Newgrounders!
You may notice a new entry from me in the Flash Portal---please vote on The Hyrde Ep 1, "The Devil's Tree". The Hyrde (pronounced "herd") is a new series that I am creating for mobile devices, but will be putting some of them up right here on Newgrounds. I will also be adding new Dr. Shroud eventually, which is currently being built as well.

I've been busy setting up my new studio called EarWorm Media. The studio's focus is in building animated content for web, mobile and tv and it has been a long process over the past few months. I have a number of jobs in the works and look forward to working there full time in the next few weeks.

One of the things I've missed is putting things up here on NG. When uploading this morning, I thought about how great of a site this is and how big the community here is. For anyone who has uploaded stuff, I'm sure you know the feeling of when it is finally up here and you await judgment---exciting!

In Dr. Shroud news, the mobile content is going well with distribution on Verizon VCast, o2, T-Mobile (some areas) and several others in Asia. It seems that the downloads are good and this is another good way to get new fans. But fret not---you'll be able to see it either way. Please let me know if you've seen Dr. Shroud on your phone!

Thanks for watching.

-Rob Feldman

San Diego and the NEW NG!

2007-07-20 23:14:50 by robfeldman

First off,----WHOA!! Nice work on the site, guys----OUTSTANDING STUFF! I especially love the blogging and personal page features.

I'll see you in San Diego.....and anyone else here for that matter.

Dr. Shroud does not have a booth this year, but I will be walking around, or rather, mobile you could say, which is reflective of my new stuff.

So starting Friday, be on the lookout for a bald dude with thick-rimmed glasses, holding a Starbucks cup. Good luck with that! HAHA!!

Oh, and by the way, check out the NEW look for Dr. Shroud.