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My New Animated Comic Series, Cyko KO!

2015-11-12 10:50:50 by robfeldman

Hi Newgrounders!

Some (maybe) of you may know my series Dr. Shroud way back in the early days of Newgrounds.  If so (or even if not), I now invite you to check out my new comic series, Cyko KO (pronounced Psycho-KAY-OH) on Line Webtoon.  If you're not familiar with Webtoon, it's a comics platform with a variety of weekly digital comics.

Cyko KO is the first US series that utilizes Line's software to create animated comics and sound for their platform and while the technology is still in its infancy, it's still pretty cool.

The series is a throwback similar to Superfriends, Hanna Barbera animation and possibly something that could be seen on Adult Swim.  I'm looking to get some new people reading it, so if you can bop on over there and check it out, I'd be eternally grateful.  I'm hoping to get a fully animated version right here on NG.


-Rob Feldman



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2015-11-12 18:52:03

I have to admit, it looks and reads pretty good! Just sucks NG has nothing comparable, other than straight-up Flash... or is this something you can export and submit here?

Anyway OG, you're off to a great start and I wish you the best!

robfeldman responds:

Haha, thanks man!

I actually built all the assets and most of the animation in Flash, so it might be easier than expected!

Thanks for taking a look.


2015-11-14 02:10:22


I could see this working as an adult Swim type of show.
I'm really liking the designs, also the inclusion of audio makes it really stand out (also the canned laughter tracks cracked me up).

And I can't wait to watch it animated!

Awesome job Mr Feldman, I wish you the best on this new project, I'll be reading it every week!

robfeldman responds:

Awesome, thank you!!


2016-03-20 15:05:47

Looks cool. For now just at the first "episode" but for sure I'll check all.