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Need help (your money) for Dr. Shroud Live Action Series!

2013-10-08 21:42:56 by robfeldman

As you may know, I started a campaign last month to bring my animated series Dr. Shroud, which started right here in Newgrounds, to life as a live action series. The campaign ends in 12 days and I thought I would ask everyone here for help. If you enjoyed the series, you can see that it will make a killer (pun intended) live action short form show. Please help if you can.
Thanks, Rob


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2013-10-08 22:42:37

If I had some money I would donate. I hope you reach your goal!

robfeldman responds:

Thank you!


2013-10-09 00:43:13

Don't think I'll be able to back it this week, but I'll at least tweet it for now. Something I'd really like to back soon!

robfeldman responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it!


2015-04-04 19:52:01

How the Hell do you only have 60 fans?

robfeldman responds:

Haha, I'm not sure! I guess my stuff isn't all that good.


2015-04-22 11:47:19

Nah, people only need to be reminded of who you are, that's all.