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Dr. Shroud Live Action Series--we need you!

2013-09-07 10:18:56 by robfeldman

Hi there:
For those of you familiar with the Dr. Shroud animated series (which started right here on Newgrounds over 10 years ago), I am creating a live action version (real people) of Dr. Shroud as a short form series. We will be filming right here in Pennsylvania a series of six, 5-minute episodes in the vein of a live action retro 70s horror tv series. True to the animated version, it will have all the b-movie aspects, gadgets and creepy characters.

Like the entire planet, I have decided to crowdfund this after 3 feature film options, the last being the closest with Nicolas Cage and Guillermo Del Toro's interest.

We shot a teaser on a hot day in July in Perkasie, PA, which can be seen in the link below in the Gallery section or in my pitch video. You can see the the vibe of the live Dr. Shroud in that 30 second teaser. If you can contribute to the campaign, even small amounts, and/or share it, it would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link:

Thanks as always,

Dr. Shroud Live Action Series--we need you!


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2013-09-07 11:51:19

Another great thing to come out of PA! Makes me happy to live here.

robfeldman responds:

Yes! In fact, we will film right here in PA! If you can, please share the campaign, we are really trying to make this work....thanks.


2013-09-07 15:45:24

oh my god! that is awesome


2013-09-07 20:37:15

Brb spamming this awesome news.