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Looking for Promo Items!

2010-08-22 22:02:50 by robfeldman

Hi there:
I am looking for different promotional items you may have for your comic, animation, indie art or other property: stickers, toys, etc. Generally, these would be those items found on a "freebie table" at a convention, giveaways at your convention table/booth or promos from a street team. I can help promote your work through a unique and fun distribution point. Only a select number of items will be considered.

Product must be:

1) Your work, all rights belong to you.
2) Free
3) Less than 2" in size
4) Unique looking in design and shape
5) Limited---most likely never to be reproduced again

If you are interested in taking part, please let me know at

Thanks, hope to hear from you!



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