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Dr. Shroud at Comicon!

2010-07-05 22:31:12 by robfeldman

If you're going to be at Comicon this year, make sure you stop by the Dr. Shroud / Fangoria booth #1736 for cool freebies. I'll hopefully be showing a new episode and will have a bunch of stuff on hand including new tshirts, stickers and action figures. Be there or die!


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2010-07-06 10:27:20

Freebies? I'll be there.


2010-07-06 19:01:22

I really liked your Alley of the Dolls series, much more than James Farr's Xombie. Now, I must check out the rest of your Dr. Shroud stuff.


2010-07-23 04:17:12

ARRRGGGGHHHH Stupid class, stupid living in another state. Ah well have fun Glad that it sounds like your working on episodes.