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FREE Dr. Shroud Paper Toy Download

2010-05-08 09:10:53 by robfeldman

Hey Newgrounders!
Download a FREE Dr. Shroud Custom Paper Toy, courtesy of Morgan Gleave , Ace Custom Paper Toy Maker Extraordinaire! Get yours, AVAILABLE HERE! Just cut, glue and enjoy the horror!

FREE Dr. Shroud Paper Toy Download


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2010-05-08 10:11:35

well id fucking hope thats free its just a square


2010-05-08 10:23:16

not if he can help it ^


2010-05-08 10:26:34

lol nice, you really nailed his shape


2010-05-21 01:30:04

Its alright I guess but he has only had the black outfit for one episode so maybe you should give the Doc more exposure (I'm bad at subtle hints sorry; also I don't know what I can do but if you need help...yea i'm sorry that sounds lame).