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Dr. Shroud Contest

2010-03-27 09:14:56 by robfeldman

Hey there! I'm having a Dr. Shroud contest where you can win a Dr. Shroud prize pack including:

- Dr. Shroud Action Figure
- Dr. Shroud T-Shirt
- 5 Dr. Shroud stickers

Here's what you have to do to win:
Simply take the following "virtual sticker" code and copy and paste it onto your website, Facebook page or wherever. Starting now through April 30th, I'll track the number of clicks from your site or space with the highest number of clicks taking the prize. Depending on the feedback, I'll give out more of these, maybe even amp it up with some Itunes gift certificates.

Just copy the code below and paste it today:

<img src="
sticker.png" alt="Dr. Shroud" width="216" height="288" border="0" longdesc="" />

It looks like this: Dr. Shroud Sticker

Thanks for reading, hope you enter.



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2010-03-27 09:56:33

sorry...i hate facebook with a passion

but what if i made 3d fanart does that get me anywhere?

robfeldman responds:

You don't have to use Facebook necessarily...any site like newgrounds of course is great. Fan art is always a major bonus, so sure, why not!


2010-03-27 11:53:14

Im gone try, but it is gone be hard


2010-03-27 16:48:33

Dr. Shroud : Skeletons is a good work


2010-03-27 17:08:56

Do we have to register to get the clicks to count?

Or do we just copy & paste it? (and your site has one of those tracking things on it)

robfeldman responds:

Just copy and paste it, that's it. Longdescr does not matter so long as the link is in place.


2010-03-27 17:18:53

lol 'longdesc' is not supported by any of the most popular browsers. :/